Welcome To Lake View Point Lodge Website

We are situated at the former KIKOPEY Ranch Gilgil in the Great Rift Valley. Itís right on the shores of renowned flamingo Lake Elementaita and within easy reach of the countryís capital, Nairobi.

This unique facility is sandwiched between some of the oldest plate tectonic features with Abardare platform in the east, Mau ranges in the west and Eburu hills in the south. This makes the serene, ever tropical sunny ambience combined with fresh air and lake shore breeze an unprecedented experience.


View Point Lodge offers a variety of cottages. Each of them stand alone ensuring maximum privacy, comfort and magnificent view of the lake and the surrounding volcanic features

Conference And Meetings

Viewpoint lodge is an excellent and ideal conference and meeting facility for both small and large groups. Enjoy our hospitality and privacy in the serene conference centres.

Camping And Other Activities

Viewpoint lodge is situated on a serene environment that capture the hearts of camping lovers with zeal. The Lodge is sorrounded by natural features that you will mavel at as you either take a walk on the Shores of Lake Elementaita, a walk in the wood, watch the sun go down casting a nice golden image on the lake or just have a bonfire with your friends and family and getting entertained by the local communities dances and stories.

View Point Lodge Products

Viewpoint lodge offers a diverse range of products that are customised to suit your needs. They include, birthdays, re-unions, anniversaries, weddings, honeymoons and get togethers.